Towards a plastic-free lounge

Malta International Airport’s sustainable journey started in 2015 with preparations – such as the setting of specific environmental targets – for the publication of the company’s first sustainability report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative’s guidelines the following year. Since then, the company has made great strides, especially in relation to its carbon footprint, with the elimination of plastic waste being one of its more recent goals.

Towards a plastic-free lounge -

In 2018, the reduction of single-use plastic was introduced as one of the company’s new environmental key performance indicators. Seemingly small steps – such as the elimination of plastic bottles used during internal meetings and the discontinuation of the distribution of complimentary water bottles to passengers – led to a drop of almost 5,000 kilos in the amount of plastic waste generated between 2018 and 2019.

Encouraged by this result and with an aim to continue with its journey towards the gradual elimination of SUP, the company identified the La Valette lounge as the next area of the airport which could be plastic-free. Still water bottles have, in fact, been removed from the lounge, and replaced with an RO system. This provides lounge guests with the possibility to fill up their reusable water bottle to carry with them as they journey on.

While carrying a reusable bottle may initially appear to be burdensome, this surely pales in comparison with the strain plastic is putting on our planet, especially our oceans and marine ecosystems. La Valette Club is banking on your support for this green initiative to be wholly successful, and we sincerely hope you’ll join us in our journey towards a plastic-free operation.

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