Settle in

The VIP Terminal is accessed separately from the main airport building, and may be reached via the vehicle route indicated in the map below:

Settle in -

Kindly follow the blue arrows from the entrance to the airport campus to the VIP terminal. Should you wish to enlarge the map, please click on the image.

Departing guests are greeted by the concierge and shown to a private room within the Terminal. Here, luggage and travel documents are left in the capable hands of the Terminal’s attendants, leaving guests with just enough time to unwind over a drink from the fully-stocked bar and an array of delectable snacks. Alternatively, guests can sit at one of the desks and get some last-minute work done before take-off. Once the plane is ready for boarding, guests can choose to be whisked off in a sleek vehicle or escorted to the waiting aircraft.

On arrival, VIP guests are taken to the exclusive terminal as soon as they disembark from their flight and can opt to settle into the lounge for a while before departing from the terminal, or they may simply keep walking through to their waiting vehicle where their luggage will be delivered to them.

The greatest luxury the VIP Terminal treats you to, is the potential to save time in the unceasing race against the clock, making it the ideal starting and finishing point of your travels in Malta, if you want to make the most of a business trip or your holiday.