Meet our member Stephen Cordina

Having obtained training in the UK and Switzerland, Mr Cordina is a practicing aroma therapist who produces tailor-made remedies for his clients and has even created his own recipe book. Stephen’s products are now sold internationally through a range of channels, and are also available from the airport’s store Spirit of Malta in Departures.

1.Where does your love for fragrances stem from?  

I was born into an agricultural family in Gozo so my early awareness of scents came from working in the fields – the wild flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs are abundant there. Vsits to Valletta with my mother have also inspired me, particularly the old markets selling local citrus fruits and imported spices.


2.Have any trips inspired you when developing new recipes?

I love to travel , and most destinations have provide inspiration in some form. However, most of my fragrances on sale at the moment, are based on Maltese flora. They do have fragrance notes, drawn from the many countries I have visited. Travelling allows me  to learn about the fragrance industry, from visiting laboratories and plantations, to taking masterclasses with master perfumers and even a Nobel-prize winner.


3.La Valette Club now presents your fragrances and cosmetic products inside the lounge. What does it mean for your brand to be associated with La Valette Club?

We are very proud of our association with La Valette Club.  We are working hard to expand our export sales and increase distribution of the Stephen Cordina brand overseas. We believe having our products available for La Valette Club visitorsoffers us a market of thousands of travellers, who have the opportunity to sample these products first hand. This increase in brand awareness amongst these VIP passengers can really help to expand our brand. Our product brings together nature, health, beauty, sensation and aroma, and we want our customers to experience that. Our handwashes, room diffusers and lotions in the La Valette Club will be changed regularly to reflect the scents of the season.


4.What are your first impressions of the new La Valette Lounge? What do you like most about it?

I visited the new lounge as a guest for the first time in April. The increased space and open views over the airport are very impressive. The quality and range of snacks on offer is also a welcome improvement. Overall I believe the lounge now competes on another level with other international airports and I am proud to be a member!

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