La Valette Travel Insurance Scheme

If your La Valette membership is inclusive of travel insurance, please note that you may find the a summary of the new La Valette Travel Scheme, applicable from 1 November 2021, at this link.

As highlighted in the summary document, members wishing to extend the COVID-19 cover are advised that this comes at an additional cost per trip and must be purchased before each and every trip. The additional costs are indicated below, and further details on how to extend this cover are included in the summary document on page 5.

High Altitude:   €15.00 + €1.65 (duty) + €5.00 (broker fee)
Club/Traveller: €15.00 + €1.65 (duty) + €5.00 (broker fee)

You may also wish to note that any involvement in manual work during a trip is not covered by the standard travel insurance policy, and that a manual work extension would need to be purchased prior to every trip at the below rates.

High Altitude:  €25 + €2.75 (duty) + €5.00 (broker fee)                   
Club/Traveller: €20 + €2.20 (duty) + €5.00 (broker fee)                 



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