7,000+ publications at your fingertips

With a simple scan of a QR code using your mobile phone camera, you can now unlock access to Press Reader’s impressive selection of more than 7,000 magazines and newspapers.

7,000+ publications at your fingertips -

QR codes’ popularity has been on a steady rise during the Covid-19 pandemic on the back of a growing demand for ‘contactless’ interactions.

But La Valette Club’s exploration of an alternative to printed publications was originally motivated by the two-fold aim of enhancing the selection of reading materials at the lounge in a more environmentally conscious manner.

The airport’s reopening to commercial flights in July provided the right moment for the introduction of Press Reader, which has allowed La Valette Club to hit not two but three aims with one code.

On your next visit to the La Valette lounge, look out for the Press Reader
QR code printed on the table tent cards, and get browsing a virtual collection of more than 7,000 magazines and newspapers, including users’ all-time favourites: Vogue; The Guardian; The Washington Post; Newsweek; and Bloomberg Business Week.

And this new benefit extends beyond the La Valette lounge. You can download your favourite publications to keep you company as you continue your journey towards your destination.

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