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Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot of Malta │ Melqart
An artful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot grapes resulted in the creation of Meridiana Wine Estate’s Melqart. With an aroma reminiscent of ripe berry fruits with spiced notes, the ruby-red wine boasts a rich, blackberry flavour with silky tannins and a smooth, long finish.

Chardonnay of Malta DOK │ Isis
Meridiana Wine Estate’s flagship wine, Isis, is a medium-bodied Chardonnay. Isis reveals a complex nose of exotic fruits complemented by gentle floral notes, while its well-structured, citrus taste is followed by a pleasantly acidic aftertaste.




Noai Prosecco Brut │ Colesel
A sparkling white wine from the Veneto region in the north-eastern Italy, the Colesel Noai Prosecco Brut boats a fine lingering perlage, and is characterised by a dry flavour and fruity aroma.





Pale Ale │ Hopleaf
Brewed with high quality malt and traditional English hops, Hopleaf balances out a hoppy aroma and bitter flavour with a dash of malty sweetness.
Alcohol Content: 3.8%

Pale Lager │ Cisk
Remaining faithful to its original recipe which dates back to 1929, the golden-coloured, bottom-fermented Cisk lager beer is characterised by a pleasantly bitter taste and a rich hop aroma.
Alcohol Content: 4.2%

Pale Lager │ Cisk Excel
Retaining the original Cisk Lager’s distinct taste and alcohol level, Cisk Excel delivers the lager’s signature flavours with only half the carbohydrate content.
Alcohol Content: 4.2%



Blended Scotch Whisky │ Johnnie Walker Gold Label
Blending multiple single malt whiskeys structured around a core of single malt whisky from Clynelish, the luxuriously smooth Johnnie Walker Gold Label whisky contains rich, exotic flavours which combine to create one sensationally long, lingering toffee-tinged finish.

Cognac │ Rémy Martin VSOP
The perfect harmony of powerful and elegant aromas, the smooth yet fruity VSOP Cognac from Rémy Martin is characterised by a mixture of aromas of vanilla, toasted oak, apricot, baked apple and white flowers, with a palate which offers notes of liquorice, dried fruit, spices and ginger.

Gin │ Hendrick’s
The unique character of Hendrick’s Gin distinguishes it from the rest. While its nose is light and floral-tinged, more herbal and spice notes come through on the palate, with a long and surprisingly bitter juniper-backed finish.

Rum │ Bacardi Reserva Ocho
Bacardi’s premium 8-year-old rum is a complex golden rum, shaped with a secret blend of charcoals to guarantee a unique smoothness and distinctive, refined flavour with notes of prune, apricot, nutmeg and oaky vanilla.

Select Cask Single Malt Whisky │ Glenfiddich
A refreshingly fragrant and floral single malt, matured in specially hand-selected casks, the Glenfiddich Select Cask Whisky combines the refined taste of oak with notes of ripe orchard fruit, spice and hints of citrus.

Vodka │ Grey Goose
A premium vodka created using only the finest French ingredients, Grey Goose opens with a delicate and fresh floral nose accented by a subtle note of citrus. The vodka’s subtle hints of almond contribute to its round, gentle palate, and long, satisfying finish.




Britvic Ginger Ale
The spicy yet fresh sparkling ginger taste of the Britvic Ginger Ale suits the personality of our whiskies perfectly but can also be enjoyed on its own over ice.

Britvic Bitter Lemon
The zesty character of Britvic bitter lemon would perfectly complement the clean, smooth base of Grey Goose vodka.

Britvic Tonic Water
To create a classic gin and tonic cocktail, we suggest pairing the Britvic tonic water with our Hendrick’s Gin.

Britvic Soda Water
Pair our Britvic Soda Water with our Isis Chardonnay to create a simple yet refreshing White Wine Spitzer.

Create a classic cocktail or add a fruity spin to your favourite drink by combining our apple, tomato or orange juices with any one of our spirits.

Soft Drinks
A selection of local and international soft drink brands, including the classic Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Pepsi and Pepsi Max, to the lemon-and-lime flavoured Sprite and 7-UP, the orange flavoured Fanta and Mirinda, and the bittersweet orange and aromatic herb-flavoured Kinnie and Diet Kinnie, are available at our lounge.

Bottled Harrogate still mineral water and sparkling Perrier water are available at our lounge.




A selection of fine coffees with a rich taste, ranging from the classic Americano or Espresso, to weaker yet equally flavourful alternatives, namely our Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or Mochaccino.

Flavoured Teas
Our selection of Harney and Sons teas includes the classic Earl Grey Supreme, a cleansing White Grapefruit tea blend with vanilla, a calming Egyptian Chamomile tea, an invigorating Mint and Lemon Verbena tea and a tart blend of Raspberry herbal tea. Carefully selected organic blends, including a full-bodied traditional English Breakfast tea, a Rooibos Chai tea combining sweet Indian spices with an earthy base of South African rooibos and a soothing Gunpowder Green Tea with aromatic peppermint leaves, are also available at our lounge.

Hot Chocolate
Our indulgent hot chocolate combines warm, lightly foamed milk with fine
drinking cocoa powder.