We look forward to being of assistance to you through our porterage service. Kindly read the information below to ensure that you benefit fully from your booked service.


What does the porterage service on arrival include?

Upon arriving at the Baggage Reclaim area, look out for one of our porters holding up a sign displaying your name. If you would like the sign to display something other than your name or would not like to be greeted with a sign, kindly advise us by sending an email on  lavalette@maltairport.com.

The porter will collect all the pieces of checked-in luggage from the carousel at the Baggage Reclaim area, proceeding to transport them to the taxi stand or your vehicle as instructed.

What does the porterage service on departure include?

On the day of your travels, a member of our Customer Services team will greet you at your vehicle or another agreed meeting point, helping you unload the luggage and transport it to the check-in desk for drop-off.

Before departing for the airport on your date of travel, kindly call on (+356) 9943 0975 to inform the Customer Services team of the approximate time of your arrival at the terminal and the preferred meeting point. Should you be travelling with oversized baggage, you are kindly asked to inform our team of the number of bulky luggage pieces or bags you will be travelling with before you arrive at the terminal, to ensure that the necessary resources are available to provide your service.

Is there a drop-off / pick up point for users of this service?

The La Valette drop-off point just outside the terminal building can be made available for you, provided that we receive the number plate details of your vehicle on lavalette@maltairport.com. Once we have these details in hand, the necessary access arrangements will be made.