Introduction to La Valette Club

La Valette Club has been perfecting its luxury services for over two decades, fully attuned to the changing needs of travellers; whether they are frequent flyers, holiday-makers, or travelling on business.

The knowledge and experience gathered over these years has helped the La Valette team tailor services to the needs of travellers with a penchant for the finer things in life. Services that add just the right touch of luxury, style, and comfort to every journey.

To accommodate the diverse needs of its guests, La Valette offers different membership options, as well as the possibility to a make one-time use of its services and its lounges, located within the Departures and Arrivals areas.


La Valette Club memberships unlock access to La Valette’s luxurious lounges, services, and a host of other benefits to get members’ journeys off to a flying start every time.

The two tiers of membership offered – Club and High Altitude – are designed to cater for members’ desired level of assistance and exclusivity as their journey at Malta International Airport unfolds.

Step over to the luxurious side of travel by treating yourself to a La Valette Club membership today.


The La Valette team is there at your service every step of the way, from the moment you pull up at the terminal to boarding time. Proceed with your journey through Malta International Airport smoothly by booking the La Valette services that are most suited to your needs.

In addition to services aimed at travellers, La Valette also offers business products, which include conference facilities.


A La Valette membership has become a travel essential for many frequent flyers, whose work commitments have them constantly on the go. But do not take it from us, hear it straight from our loyal members.

“As I often get to the airport at the last minute to be able to squeeze as much work into the day of departure as possible, I don’t like to rely and depend on taxis or other public transportation to get me there. This is where the High Altitude parking arrangement with the reserved parking area comes extremely handy. The La Valette lounges are also very enjoyable, especially the arrivals lounge that allows me to relax and read through my emails after a long flight whilst waiting for my baggage to arrive. I think MIA and the La Valette Club have done a great job developing the High Altitude service and keeping the price reasonable and cost effective.” – Bryan O’Neil, Online Entrepreneur (High Altitude Member)

 “My La Valette Club membership allows me to make the best use time; something which is absolutely crucial to me. My favourite aspect of the whole package would have to be the chauffeur service from the gates to the aircraft, as it permits me to answer last-minute emails and calls before actually taking off. This, coupled with the dedicated La Valette team, great food, and comfortable lounges, makes my every journey through Malta International Airport an exceptional one.” – Abdussalam Mohammed Danaf, Entrepreneur (Club Member)

“The services offered by the La Valette club are many but as a rule the main thing I enjoy the most is the lounge itself. The service is excellent. The atmosphere there is so peaceful that it encourages me to get there earlier than I need to which allows me the space to work in peace and quiet. I find I am very productive while waiting in the La Valette lounge.” – Chris Grech, Real Estate Businessman (Club Member)